Projects & Initiatives

The Foundation is working to facilitate several Chamber projects and initiatives, all centered around providing needed equipment, furnishings and building security and maintenance. Examples include:


The Chamber’s Business Incubator program

The Chamber rents several offices for small and start-up businesses. Reasonable rent and access to high-speed Internet, phone service, a conference room and a community room are helping these entrepreneurial businesses establish themselves and contribute to Harrisonville’s business growth.


Building maintenance and equipment needs

The Foundation has identified a number of significant building needs. Prominent among them is the need to replace up to 13 windows, including the large display windows at the entrance. This will be an expensive project that likely will involve soliciting of donations through the Foundation.

Security and fire protection system

The Foundation is helping the Chamber address this need by soliciting bids and preparing a budget for enhancements to the building’s security and fire protection system. We hope to install a security passcard system and a fire alert system to protect the building and its contents from theft and damage.

Education and mentorship programs

Another way the Foundation can help advance the Chamber’s mission is by supporting the organization’s educational outreach to members and the community at large. Several programs are under consideration.