Harrisonville Chamber of Commerce

Log Cabin Festival Information

The Log Cabin Festival is a fun, family-friendly event that brings together the community and celebrates the historic Sharp-Hooper Cabin located near the Harrisonville Square. 

This year, The Log Cabin Festival will be celebrated on Friday, October 2nd and Saturday, October 3rd. 

Sponsors of the festival make it possible! Becoming a sponsor is also a great way to demonstrate your dedication to the community and spread awareness about your business or organization.

If interested in becoming a sponsor please click here for the sponsor form. You can also call us at 816-380-5271 or email us at executivedirector@harrisonvillechamber.com!

The Log Cabin Festival encourages makers of their own arts an craft items to participate as a vendor. Please click here to review the full details and guidelines for Arts & Handcraft Vendors and download the application. 

Businesses, including direct sales vendors, are encouraged to attend to promote their products and services. Please click here to review the Business Expo guidelines and download the application. 

We encourage a variety of foods at the festival. Preference is given to non-profit organizations as a way to raise funds for their groups. Please click here for your application and guidelines. 

Please note all food vendors must also comply with Health Department guidelines, including approval for a temporary food permit. Please click here for an application form. 

We encourage non-profit organizations and other to participate and connect with community members by offering a Children’s Activity. Please click here to review the application and guidelines.

We welcome entertainers to take part in the festival. Performances are held primarily on the main stage. Band performances are also held in the Reunion Garden on Friday and Saturday evenings. 

Most entertainment opportunities are non-paid, but provide an excellent opportunity to reach a large audience. 

The main stage size is 14’ wide x 32’ long and 4’ high. There is one set of steps with no railing. Please make sure this size safely accommodates your needs. There will be 2 sets of bleachers available for seating during your performance. 

The Log Cabin Festival is a family friendly event, so all entertainment must fit such qualifications. 

Click here for additional details and application.

The 2020 Log Cabin Parade theme is ” We’re All In This Together.”  The Parade will occur at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, October 3rd. The parade is organized at 9:00 a.m. at the Harrisonville High School and then proceeds towards the Square on Pearl Street, before returning to the high school.

We encourage parade participation by community groups, businesses, organizations, church groups and clubs. We reserve the right to decline any application that we feel does not align with the spirit of the festival. 

You are not permitted to stop and let off or add passengers during the parade route. The parade needs to be kept up to a good viewing pace. 

Animals are permitted with proper paperwork certifying that all animal test negative on the COGGINS blood test. When at the parade, each animal must be under bridle or halter in the charge of owner or helper at all times. WARNING: Under Missouri Law, any equine professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risk of equine activities pursuant to the Revised Statutes of Missouri, RSMO 537.325.

You are NOT allowed to throw candy. You may hand out candy as you walk past guest on the route. This is a requirement of all parades mandated by the City of Harrisonville. Please click here for a full list of Parade Rules.

Entries will be judged and awards given for first, second and third place.  

Please click here for a Parade Application. 

Come back soon for information on the Annual Baby Contest. 

Please come back soon for information on the Log Cabin Queen contest.