Get to Know Harrisonville MO!

Check out this short video recently submitted as part of an application to the HGTV “Hometown Takeover” contest for a taste of local Harrisonville history and more. 

The Cass County Coalition of Chambers (CCCC) is made up of five Chambers of Commerce in Cass County (Belton, Harrisonville, Peculiar, Pleasant Hill, Raymore) and The City of Garden City.

According to the By-laws, “…it shall foster cooperation between communities in Cass County and through that cooperation, create a vigorous and healthy business climate throughout the county.  This mission shall be accomplished through promotion, legislative unity and education.”

Monthly meeting Agendas include a featured speaker and updates from each City and Chamber, and the Cass County Corporation of Economic Development.  If you want to know what is going on in the business community, this is the meeting to add to your calendar.

The CCCC is governed by a Board, which consists of up to three individuals from each Chamber.  Open meetings are held the 2nd Thursday of each month at 11:45 am – 1:00 pm.  Host and location rotates among the Chambers.  As a member of any of the participating Chambers, you will receive meeting notices via email from your Chamber office. 

At the time of the 2010 census Cass County had a population of 99,478. Cass County is considered as part of the Kansas City, MO Metropolitan area.

Visit Cass County for additional information and County resources. 

Cities within Cass County include:

  • Archie
  • Austin
  • Baldwin Park
  • Belton
  • Cleveland
  • Creighton
  • Drexel
  • East Lynne
  • Freeman
  • Garden City
  • Greenwood
  • Gunn City
  • Harrisonville
  • Lake Annette
  • Lake Winnebago
  • Loch Lloyd
  • Peculiar
  • Pleasant Hill
  • Raymore
  • Strasburg
  • Village of Riverview Estates
  • West Line

The City of Harrisonville has a population of around 10,000 (per the 2010 census) and is the county seat of Cass County. 

Harrisonville captures the charm of small town living while offering ready access to the amenities of metropolitan life. The City boasts a moderate cost of living that falls below the national average.

The community offers a multitude of civic, religious, recreational, and cultural opportunities that should meet the interests and desires of everyone. 

The City is governed by the Board of Aldermen, which consists of eight members, each person elected from one of the four Wards.  They serve a four year term. 

The Mayor of Harrisonville is elected at large and also serves a four year term. 

For additional information, visit the City of Harrisonville