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Young Professor's Academy


Here at Young Professors Child Development Center, we seek to provide a happy and cheerful environment where children can be at ease about being away from home. At our center, children can interact with their surroundings, and build confidence in a constructive and safe learning environment. We believe that all children should be taught a basic, fundamental Christian foundation. Our center promotes ongoing, progressive, physical, emotional, intellectual and social growth.
We believe that each child is a unique and special person, endowed with an individual dignity, which should be nurtured and developed as one with the body and the mind. The support of a caring and intimate community allows your children to develop self-confidence. By recognizing different temperaments and learning styles, by challenging and encouraging, and by working as a team, our staff will help the children to develop their identity.
Each of our staff members actively participates and pursues a high education in the fields of education and/or child development. They foster a positive attitude and share a similar dedication the growth and development of our children.

Services/Products Offered

images (1)Weekly Fees:
Birth – 2yrs: $175.00 per week

2yrs – Up: $125.00 per week

Before & After School Bus Pick-Up Service: $60.00

Van Drop off & pick-up: $70

School Age Summer Camp: $100.00

*Summer Camp is 10-11 weeks in duration. Fees include all field trips.

**Tuition is due on Friday before the week begins by noon. Parents may choose to pay their fees in advance by making bi-monthly or monthly payments. Check, debit, credit cards, or money orders will be accepted (no cash accepted).


Rev. Al Smith or Paula Smith

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