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Azure Hollow


What kind of name is Azure Hollow? Well, Azure is a nod to our Papa who was a solid rock to our family. It reminds us of the azure waters surrounding the island of Malta, his birthplace. It is the name of the street where he lived and we made countless memories.
Azure is also a type of butterfly. When thinking of nurturing our families, butterflies are an appropriate representation of the care that is taken to develop our children into who they were created to be.
A hollow is a safe, protected place to grow within the forest.
We created Azure Hollow to be a place for young entrepreneurs to explore and develop business and product ideas. As time and space allow, we host events and bring in additional products from community members to provide an enjoyable shopping experience for our customers.
And so, Azure Hollow.

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Boutique Store


April Nourse, Owner

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Member since 2019

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